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Online Acting School

The Laura Mac Method is more than acting classes, it’s a road map for becoming the best on camera actor you can be. Join our community of aspiring and experienced actors who will help you along the way. Are you ready to change your life? Register for acting classes today!


have a passion for acting, but don’t know how to navigate the professional world?

feel discouraged by the ups and downs of the acting industry?

having trouble knowing where you should focus your time + energy? 

The Academy

It’s not just a bunch of acting exercises. This is a university level acting course on exactly what you have to do to be an actor. You’re going to want a team of people to work the Method with.

Join a team of actors who meet weekly for acting classes. You get full access to the curriculum of acting lessons, virtual acting classes, a one on one private acting lesson with Laura Mac, and much more!

* The relationships formed in the Academy will likely result in feelings of success and confidence.

Ready to build the acting career you've always wanted? register for online acting classes today.
Laura Mac and Associates


Laura Mac has teamed up with working professionals who embody the values of the Laura Mac Method and understand the benefit of working consistently on the aspects of your career that are in your control. With their support and encouragement, you will build a community that works together, leading you to the outcomes you want for your acting career.

The Laura Mac method really enabled me to get out of my shell and approach auditioning and acting in a new perspective.
Nathan Yan

I got honesty, support and confidence form Laura Mac, she really was my
epiphany for acting.
Mark Anthony O’Neill

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