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Commercial Acting 101

I have had the pleasure of acting in dozens of commercial projects since I started my audition journey. I really love the specificity and fun of the work, but I know that not all actors feel the same way. When you don’t know the commercial process, auditions can be really daunting.

I still remember my first commercial auditions. I had no idea what was going on. I sat in the waiting room, comparing myself to everyone around me, questioning my hair style, my makeup, my wardrobe choices. I assumed that everyone else was better than me, knew more than me and I was terrified to go in. I had trained at one of the most reputable theatre schools in the country, but I was terrified of a commercial audition. When I got in the room, I was so eager to please, that I barely heard what the casting director was asking me to do, and the moment I left the room, I completely forgot what had happened. Was that acting? Did I do it right? Did they like me? And then I remember obsessively refreshing my email the day before callbacks hoping to get word from my agent that I had been chosen for a callback slot. And when I didn’t get the call, I went immediately into a shame spiral. I was a terrible actor. I wasn’t even good enough for a commercial. What was I doing with my life if I couldn’t even get a callback?

Sound familiar? Have you ever felt that way about a commercial audition? Well, I’m happy to report that for me, after about a year of auditioning, I figured things out and the experience became a lot more enjoyable. I began paying close attention to every word of the breakdown, I rabidly watched casting directors, associates and assistants to figure out what they were doing and why. I asked a million questions to the seasoned actors I was auditioning against and I hunted the internet to find the final result of the projects I had auditioned for.

Boosting your commercial acting confidence and callbacks

I created a system that I applied to every audition I got, and my confidence improved, callback rate improved, my booking rate went through the roof and most importantly, my enjoyment level skyrocketed. Because if we don’t enjoy it, then what’s the point? I began to share what I knew with my friends and was thrilled to see them experiencing the same wins – more confidence, more callbacks, more bookings and more fun. And that’s when I decided to put together my first Commercial Acting Workshop.

Fast forward 3 years and I’m so excited to launch The Laura Mac Method Online School with the course that began it all – Commercial Acting. I’m so glad to be able to share everything I’ve learned about commercials over the years with you – no matter where you are! This course will help you take agency over your commercial acting process so you don’t have to go into the room feeling unsure of what you’re doing or leave the room feeling crappy about yourself. And most importantly, you’ll gain the confidence you need to trust that when you don’t book a job, it has nothing to do with your ability and talent. You’re a superstar, and if a project needs something different than what you have to offer, that doesn’t diminish how bright you shine. Check out the intro to the course here, then head over to Online Courses to sign up!

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