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The Laura Mac Method is more than just an acting class. It’s the answers to every question you have about being a working commercial, tv, and film actor.

How do you present yourself to agents and casting? How do you breakdown and prepare audition scenes? How do you grow your reputation in your community? How do you develop your craft and hone your skills? Who do you turn to for support and motivation? Where do you find the information you need to make smart choices?

I developed the Laura Mac Method to empower actors with the knowledge of how to take what you want most from your career and break it into the steps and actions that get you there. 

Want to be a series regular on a great tv show? Awesome! Let me ask some questions:
  • What kind of show?
  • What kind of character?
  • Who makes shows like that?
  • Where are they filming?
  • Who is casting?
  • What roles do you need on your resume and what relationships do you need in the industry to get into the room with that casting director for those types of shows?
  • What marketing material will best represent that character you want to play?
  • How much training do you need?
  • How much practice at the types of scenes from those shows?

Ok great, you know the answers! - Now what?

I spent years sitting around and waiting for the phone to ring with the opportunity to finally be a working actor. It wasn’t until I started focusing on doing what I could control in every aspect of my craft and career development that things started to take off.

I learned the hard way that if you try to be a lone wolf in this industry, you’ll be left feeling hopeless and alone. If you really want to succeed. If you want to take the answers to these questions and turn them into a journey, you need support. You need a team of people who are in the trenches with you, who are going where you’re going, led by people who are where you want to be. People to ask questions to, run ideas by and share your experiences with. That’s exactly what we’re committed to with the Laura Mac Method. Helping you find control over the ups and downs of the industry and align yourself with the community you need to feel successful and positive on the journey.

Every session I’ve taken of The Laura Mac Method has taught me something useful and interesting. She’s forthright and honest about all the ins a nd outs of the business, and she’s got a great sense of humour which helps when you’re nervous about giving it a try. I highly recommend the Laura Mac Method to anyone who’s starting out or who wants to keep growing as an artist
Gillian Hurtig

It's not a short cut - There is no such thing.
It's the road map and the support system

 A career in acting, like a career in any other field, takes dedication, commitment and time. There’s no sprinting to the end, and if you’re ready to empower yourself on the marathon – we are here to give you the support you need to thrive.

Whether you’re looking for your first steps or you’ve been at the game for a while and need a new approach, we are here for you.

Audition techniques, script analysis, market and industry knowledge, and so much more – I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over 25 years of dedication to the craft of acting and the business of being an actor and am thrilled to offer it to you, to help you on your journey to live out the career you’ve always wanted.