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Laura Mac and Associates

Building working actors

10 Week Semester – online ACTING CLASSES

Join a team of up to 10 actors who meet virtually twice a week to work every lesson of the Method Curriculum in an intensive semester designed to level up your craft and career.

Stay motivated, stay supported, stay confident and stay moving forward the only way that you can – by applying the work with a badass team who has your back. 


Full access to the Acting Courses ($69/month value)
A 1 hour One on One Coaching with Laura Mac ($250/value)
10 Weekly Team Business Check in’s ($600/value)
10 Weekly Acting Classes ($1,000/value)


Access to the Laura Mac Supportive Actor’s Team ($50/month value)

How It Works

Step 1: The Curriculum

Access all 50 video acting lessons of the Laura Mac Method Curriculum. Over 7 hours of information that become the backbone of your acting craft and career.
Keep the videos for LIFE! Even after your semester is done, maintain access to the method curriculum to reference as you move forward on your acting journey.

Step 2: The Syllabus

Receive a specialized Syllabus that guides you through every step of the program. This fully editable PDF outlines each of the 20 acting classes, the homework every step of the way, PLUS prompts you with questions that solidify your learning and gives you a space to track your thoughts and progress as you move through the semester.
It’s the guided acting journal of your dreams!

Step 3: Team Meetings

Join your team virtually twice a week for 10 weeks 

Mondays – 1.5 hours

Business Day – Examine each part of the business of being an Actor; creating your Avatar, building relationships, Marketing,  so much more. 

Thursdays – 3 Hours

Acting Exercise Day –  Your power is in your process. Learn exactly what you need to do before each audition or performance to show up as your unique self with actions that make every scene come to life.

The Academy: 3 monthly payments of $350

Important Dates

Registration for The Fall semester is now open

Registration closes September 10

Classes start September 12
Week off October 10 + 13
Classes end November 24
We have 2 teams accepting new actors:


Monday: 10:30am - 12:00pm PST

Thursday: 10:30am - 1:30pm PST


Monday: 5:30pm - 7:00pm PST

Thursday: 5:30pm - 8:30pm PST

I would highly recommend The Laura Mac Method to anyone starting out in their career or even those who are experienced but might need a refresher on how to be your best self during auditions.

The Laura Mac Method taught me what to work on and how to work on it. I gained confidence in my audition prep that took away the guesswork and allowed me to book multiple roles.
Leah Hennessey Rai

Want to Be An Associate?

Every year, 2 alumnae will be invited to become Laura Mac Method Associates.
Learn to facilitate and coach the Laura Mac Method, grow your community and earn an income as a valuable working actor.


Most frequent questions and answers

Becoming an actor is a long term game and “overnight success” is an illusion. When you commit to working the Method with a team for 3+ months, you will foster the motivation you need to succeed while boosting your confidence through connection and support. The Academy is for actors who are ready to commit to a new level of success in their careers. We also believe that there are many valuable learning experiences in this industry and encourage you to train with any studio or instructor that you find who you feel you can benefit from.

Upon registration you will submit a self tape and share your preferred meeting time. We will then offer you a position on the team that we feel will be a biggest benefit to you moving forward.

Yes! If the shoe doesn’t fit, try on another one! We strive to build teams that can work and grow well together based on where each individual is on their journey. If you want to switch it up, we will be happy to help you find the right place. There is a maximum number of participants per team, and changes will be made at the discretion of Laura Mac and the Associates. 

You know what’s better than one brain? Two brains! And what’s better than 2? 10! There is power in numbers. Your team will not only keep you accountable, but they will lift you up when things get hard and the best part? You’ll lift them up too! Working with a team will take what you know and expand it to places you didn’t even know you didn’t know.

Got an audition? We’re happy to help you one on one to choreograph and prepare a performance you feel confident delivering. If you’re looking to maximize your growth as an actor, one on one isn’t the best route. There’s only so much we can cover in a hour, so check out the Foundations and the Academy and save one on one for your next audition.

Every 6 months, 2 alumnae will be offered the opportunity to become Associates and begin running their own teams. These alumnae will be fully training on how to facilitate and coach the Laura Mac Method and then join the ranks of our Associates, helping to share the Method, grow your community and earn an income as a valuable working actor.