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Acting Smarter to Feel Stronger

Acting smarter to feel stronger HERE WE GO!I could not be more excited about the results coming from the Academy! Every semester I get to watch actors take the reins on their career AND learn how to act BETTER – with more authenticity, more specificity and more ACTIVITY. Because the fact is, if you want to be a stronger actor, […]


Commercial Acting 101

Commercial Acting 101 I have had the pleasure of acting in dozens of commercial acting projects since I started my audition journey. I really love the specificity and fun of the work, but I know that not all actors feel the same way. When you don’t know the commercial acting process, auditions can be really daunting. I still remember my […]


Managing Your Audition Nerves

Managing Your Audition Nerves You’ve done the work, you know your character, you know your sides, you know the relationships you’re playing, you know the tone of the piece and you know what you want to do. But 5 minutes before your call time and your brain seems to be totally against you. Your heart is racing, you’re sweating, you […]


Auditioning via Self Tapes and Zoom

Auditioning via Self Tapes and Zoom In the old world, the biggest challenge of the audition process was nerves. Sitting in the waiting room outside of casting getting ready to go in and deliver your performance and dealing with the butterflies in your stomach and the crazy thoughts running through your head. With the outbreak of the pandemic, everything changed. You […]


Hi, I’m Laura Mac and I’m a Working Actor

Hi, I’m Laura Mac and I’m a Working Actor I’ve known I was going to be an actor since I was in kindergarten. I was involved in every play that I possibly could, whether it was through my school, the town, or the local university, I was there. When I graduated from high school I went right into one of […]