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How to Practice Acting at Home

Acting is a skill that requires continuous practice and learning. Becoming a successful actor may not be easy and filled with adversity. But it’s not impossible either. With enough practice and perseverance, you can make your dreams come true, starting with learning how to practice acting at home.

There are a lot of ways to develop your acting skills, and one of them is to practice acting from the comfort of your home. It’s a perfect opportunity to focus on internal work. Whether you’re alone or with a company. 

There are many ways to practice acting at home. You can even take an acting class, watch online acting lessons, or get one on one coaching.

Learning How to Practice Acting at Home

It takes a lot of effort to act and it is better to practice acting with someone to make the conversation feel real and natural. If you don’t have anyone to practice with, remember that you are your best support.

Practice Cold Reading

Cold reading is the act of reading aloud the words from a script without practice. This is often an impromptu task. But you can practice this technique yourself by reading a newspaper, book, or an old script. The goal of every actor is to take someone else’s words and speak them with confidence and clarity, as if for the first time.

This method is commonly used by casting directors to assess whether an actor can understand and speak the scene well. They don’t want to see someone reading lines. Everyone can do that. They want to see an actor act like the character. They want to see how the actor moves, how they speak, and so on.

Practice in Front of the Mirror

A simpler way to learn how to practice acting at home is to watch yourself in a mirror. This gives you real-time, live feedback as you’re working. 

By practicing in front of the mirror, you can begin to focus on yourself and reduce your reliance on notes. It also allows you to see the audience’s perspective. You learn to connect with that person looking back at you, which can help you evaluate your facial features and speech patterns.


Aside from looking at yourself in the mirror, one of the most popular ways to practice acting on your own is by recording yourself. It is a wonderful exercise for identifying your quirks and pinpointing areas you need to improve on. It can help you see if you are over-acting or if your expressions and reactions are off the mark. Set up a camera and make a scene. Review the video and identify areas for improvement. Your facial expressions are crucial in communicating your message. They are also important to complement your body language and whether verbal nuances are accurate. 

Enroll in Online Acting Classes

Online acting classes can help you learn how to practice acting at home. Consider enrolling in online acting classes to better educate yourself. Observe not only the teacher but also the other students. Everyone has something to teach you. Learn to play every role and monitor how your classmates perform in each role. Observe their mistakes as well as successes.

Practice Expressing a Range of Emotions

Play a short game of emotional stretching to learn how to show off your full range of emotions. Take a simple but versatile line, and practice saying it as many ways as you can — happy, loving, angry, hurt, hopeful, shy, etc. Do it in front of a mirror or record yourself.

Focus On Diction and Enunciation

Actors need to speak clearly with conviction. This is another instance where an audio recording can be helpful, as you can hear yourself and detect unclear phrases. Focus on speaking in a variety of volumes and speeds with clarity and confidence.

The Most Effective Approach to Movies and Acting Auditions

The Laura Mac Method is a powerful online acting school run by Laura Mac and a highly skilled team of leading entertainment industry professionals. Laura is a talented actor and a veteran acting coach based in LA. Her method has produced solid, tangible results for actors at every skill level. 

The program, which focuses on confidence and connection building, has helped actors from all around the world gain new insights into their craft and win acting gigs at some of the world’s biggest movie studios.

You can find everything you need including tools to help you practice acting at home here at The Laura Mac Method. If you are interested in our online acting classes, click here.

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