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Skills You Need for Acting

Skills You Need for Acting

Acting is already a skill in itself. However, it has various elements that you also need to possess, or at least develop, if you want to be good at it. The good news is that there’s no need to learn a lot before you become a pro. A lot of learning happens while you grow as an actor. 


To successfully navigate your way through the acting world, you need to know what skills you need for acting. You also need to understand that actors have an arsenal of skills at their disposal.


Here are some essential skills that will help you become a better actor, whether in front of the camera or behind it.

Movement and Body Language

Humans are great at having quirks that we’re unaware of. When it is you, your mannerisms are fine. When it is someone else, not so much. Ask your closest friends and family if they notice something odd. 


Some casting agents may opt out of hiring you if they notice that you’re too tense, or you slouch too much. Always make sure that you walk and present yourself with grace and confidence. Always keep in mind that your body language should speak volumes.

Always be hungry for more knowledge

Contrary to popular belief, actors are not supposed to be ditzy or stupid. If you’re serious about acting, then you should be serious about learning the craft. You should never be satisfied with what you already know. Always find opportunities to learn more, so that your skills can get developed along the way. 


No, you don’t have to read tons of books and articles on acting in order to call yourself knowledgeable. Gaining acting knowledge can be as simple as watching a play, a TV show, or a movie, and then carefully studying the actors. It’d be easier for you to retain knowledge if you watch something that greatly interests you. 

There is power in your voice

Have you ever wondered how some actors are able to make you feel like you’re sitting in the front row even if they’re standing up there on stage in the nosebleeds?


Your voice is a powerful instrument. Not just in communicating, but also in acting. Lucky for you, you can train your voice to exude more power. Acting classes can help you develop a loud voice, and teach you techniques to control it without going overboard. 

Reading through the lines

Script reading and understanding is a vital skill because, in acting, you’re essentially giving life to something that came from some text on a paper. Not all actors know how to properly read through a script. That’s why when it’s time to act, they have no idea how to execute their role properly. 


That’s why you should learn how to be analytical when it comes to scripts. Reading the script thoroughly can help you develop a deeper understanding of your character’s motivations. Doing so will ensure that a scene is performed as the writer intended it to be.

How to upskill

Now that we have all of that out of the way, where should you practice and develop these skills? Of course, they can be self-taught, but there is always a chance that you would miss out on something.


You can go ahead and enroll in an acting class. But you have to make sure that you’re consistent and attend all sessions. Acting classes are awesome when you want to develop your skills, especially since these classes are taught by professional actors who have already dedicated years of their life to the craft.


Another great way to learn these skills is on the job itself. You’re already immersed with actors, directors, and acting coaches when you’re on set. You can definitely learn a thing or two from their own personal techniques. Besides, this also serves as an opportunity for you to network!


You may feel intimidated by the skill set that you need to possess as an actor, but don’t be. It can be harmful to your psyche and end up damaging your confidence. That’s why it’s always best to take it slowly, but surely. 


The most professional and highest-paid actors are the ones who are continuously developing their skills. You can take a page out of their book and maybe someday, your name will be on the top billing of movie posters!

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