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The Basics of Body Language for Actors

Add Your Heading Text Here Acting goes beyond memorizing and delivering lines. Non-verbal communication is very vital in becoming an effective actor. Perfect delivery of the script is useless if the actorโ€™s face and body stay still. Actors body language can help them keep the audience engaged. Showing physical expressions can help provide an idea of what the character is […]


10 Tips to Help You Become a Better Actor

Add Your Heading Text Here Hollywood is made up of stars and superstars. No, really, it’s true. You may be an amazing actor who can pull off any role perfectly, but unless you can market yourself in a way that will bring the right people to you… your lifelong dream might remain just that: A dream. Here are 10 tips […]


How Improv Can Improve Your Acting Skills

Add Your Heading Text Here How Improv Can Improve Your Acting SkillsYou’re on stage. A scene starts and your inner actor kicks into gear. You improvise a line just as the director expected, but then something goes wrong: you miss your cues, you start thinking about the way you look, or you freeze up.ย ย Improv is scary because it’s so different […]


Wardrobe Tips for Auditions

Add Your Heading Text Here Auditioning for the next Rambo movie? Don’t show up wearing spandex and a headband! It’s not that you shouldn’t care about what you wear to an audition. After all, there are lots of things you need to think about before an audition. But actually, your choice of attire is pretty important!The way you look can […]


What is Method Acting?

Add Your Heading Text Here Remember the bony structure of Christian Bale in the film The Machinist when he lost some 60 pounds? His body fat was so low that his body structure resembled that of a skeleton. Actors who go to such lengths to become as close as possible to the character they are playing are known as Method […]