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Does Tattoos Affect an Actor’s Career?

Add Your Heading Text Here It’s a bit rare to find newly-minted actors sporting visible tattoos. Some agents actually turn away those with visible ink, especially since some roles would demand a “cleaner” image for their actors. That’s why it’s inspiring to see an actor who is brave enough to get inked.   The thing is, the rest of the […]


Tips for Shy Actors

Add Your Heading Text Here It’s a common misconception that all actors are extroverts. While some of them are quite extroverted and seem to have been born to perform in front of an audience, others prefer to stay home and spend time with close friends and family.   Have you ever wondered how actors can pull off their lines so […]


The Best Methods for Memorizing Lines

Add Your Heading Text Here While being an actor will provide you an opportunity to exercise your creative freedom, you still need to memorize your lines. This is the part that a lot of actors hate — because scripts can definitely become intimidating if you have to remember hundreds, if not thousands of lines. You won’t have anybody to help […]


5 Things You Should Know About Before You Become an Actor

Add Your Heading Text Here It might sound cliché, but it’s always been said that you have to live to your fullest potential because one day we are going to die. I know that sounds like a death metal lyric, but regardless this message rings true for anyone looking to live the dream. Just ask these actors of all ages […]


What is taught in acting classes?

Add Your Heading Text Here Why do you need an acting class when everything is available for free online and what is taught in acting classes? For starters, an acting class doesn’t just teach you acting. It also teaches you what to expect in the real world of show business. The skills that you can learn from acting school can definitely […]


Everything You Should Know About Acting Headshots

Add Your Heading Text Here The acting headshot is an often forgotten aspect of acting. The truth is that it matters a great deal. Talent scouts will not care how talented you are if you have a headshot that doesn’t look right. Your headshot is your professional calling card in the acting business.  You may think that it’s just a […]


Skills You Need for Acting

Add Your Heading Text Here Acting is already a skill in itself. However, it has various elements that you also need to possess, or at least develop, if you want to be good at it. The good news is that there’s no need to learn a lot before you become a pro. A lot of learning happens while you grow […]


Do You Have to Take Acting Classes to Become an Actor?

Add Your Heading Text Here Do you have to take acting classes to become a full-fledged actor? The answer to that is yes and no. You can be one of the lucky few that were naturally born with a talent for acting. But if you weren’t born with it, of course, you’re going to need classes.   There are plenty […]


How to Warm Up as an Actor

Add Your Heading Text Here All actors must warm up before walking onto the stage or set for the first time. While this means learning the lines and cues inside and out, warm-ups need a little more. Actors must use their whole body, voice, and mind to bring a role to life. These warm-ups are guaranteed to help you perform […]