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The Curriculum

The 50 essential video lessons every actor needs to develop their craft and career

Actor's Toolkit

7 Video Lessons including:

Getting Great Representation

Being a Full Time Actor

Career and Audition Emotion Management

Commercial Workshop

10 Video Lessons including:

on Camera Basics

Audition Prep

Callbacks: What they want and what you do

Business of You

10 Video Lessons Including:

Your Dream Life: tapping into what you want most

Being a Benefit

Understanding Your Market

Actor Goal Setting

Acting for Film+TV

22 Video Lessons including:

Your Craft and Your Career

HUman behaviour

Building life

building auditions

... and so much more

I would highly recommend The Laura Mac Method to anyone starting out in their career of even those who are experienced but might need a refresher on how to he your best self during auditions.

The Laura Mac Method taught me what to work on and how to work on it. I gained confidence in my audition prep that took away the guesswork and allowed me to book multiple roles.
Leah Hennessey Rai