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Access to the full library of foundational lessons that will empower you to become the best actor you can be. Broken into 3 courses:

  • The Commercial Acting Workshop
  • The Business of You
  • Acting for Film and TV

These lessons are the back bone of the Laura Mac Method. Everything from how to slate for a commercial audition, to how to bring the given circumstances of a scene to life or how to develop your unique acting avatar that fits your film/tv market, the method is your home for all of the insights and exercises you need to improve your acting work, hone your audition skills and build a business strategy.

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Acting is a life long process, it’s not just about learning to act, but about learning to learn to act. Stay moving forward as Laura Mac shares more lessons, answers your questions and keeps you feeling inspired and confident.

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The Foundations Membership is perfect for anyone looking to make a big impact on their acting career while balancing a busy schedule.



The Foundations Courses:
Your blueprint to success

The 38 essential video lessons every actor needs to develop their craft and career with homework, exercises, templates and resources to help you grow

The Commercial Workshop

10 Video Lessons including:

How to succeed As a commercial actor

Commercial 101: Everything you need to know from audition to booking

Callbacks: What they want and what you do

The Business
of You

10 Video Lessons Including:

Your Dream Life: taping into what you want most

How to get a great headshot

How to build your demo

Your team: The four types of people essential to your success

Acting for

18 Video Lessons including:

How to succeed as a film tv actor

HUman behaviour: The Truths behind acting

Building life: preparing every performance

Opening moments and end beats: building auditions that work

... and so much more


Exclusive Access to Laura Mac + The Team

Inside the method

Stay up to date, inspired and motivated with Laura Mac’s latest insights and discoveries. Ask questions and get the information you need to move forward with new videos added every month.

The Supportive Actors Team

Guarantee your success by joining a community of hard working, dedicated actors just like you. Find the support, information and resources you need to tackle all your career goals.


I would highly recommend The Laura Mac Method to anyone starting out in their career of even those who are experienced but might need a refresher on how to he your best self during auditions.


The Laura Mac Method taught me what to work on and how to work on it. I gained confidence in my audition prep that took away the guesswork and allowed me to book multiple roles.
Leah Hennessey Rai