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Laura Mac & The Associates

laura mac

I discovered my love of acting early, but being from a small town meant I didn’t have access to the world of professional commercial, film and television acting. After high school, I trained at one of the top theatre programs in the country, earning both a BA in English and Drama and a Diploma in Conservatory Acting training. I’ve put countless hours into developing my craft; understanding the history of performance art, the various techniques and styles of acting, honing my understanding of the body, the mind, and how we interact as people in friendships, families, communities, and societies. 

It wasn’t until years after I graduated that I realized didn’t know how to actually get IN the industry. I was talented and formally trained, but no one told me what a professional actors life entailed. It wasn’t until I started reaching out to my community and finding mentorship that I began my journey to understanding all the aspects of a successful acting life; relationship development, audition skills, marketing strategy and so much more.

Since I started coaching in 2017, I’ve learned that the real key to success isn’t great acting talent, strong audition skills or even a solid understanding of the business. Success comes through the small actions you take each week – checking in on your progress, bouncing ideas off your team, critically examining your acting process and committing to learning about your craft. And you can’t do any of that alone. You need to surround yourself with great people who are on the same journey and work together to achieve the results of your dreams.

The Associates

Matt and Michele

Having trained and worked professionally in multiple countries, Michele brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to help you get comfortable, confident and excited for your next steps. Michele is eager to share her insight as both a working actor and a reader in the casting room, making sure you bring what only you can to every goal and every role – you!

Matthew has been acting in theatre, film and television for the last 25 years. From his time earning his BFA in Theatre to learning technique in acting classes and on the job, Matthew is excited to share his insights with you through the Laura Mac Method to help you claim agency over your process.

Kassidee and Ryan

With over 25 years of experience, Ryan understands the ins and outs of the craft of professional acting like no other. He is excited to share what he’s learned over the years to help build the community and share the tools and techniques of the Laura Mac Method. Ryan has worked professionally in Toronto, LA and Vancouver and is passionate about helping others find their footing and build their confidence.

With a degree in Film and Television as well as countless hours of training and working experience under her belt, Kassidee understands that being a working actor is a unique challenge. She’s excited to help you put your best foot forward so you show up  as your complete, most awesome and confident self. Kassidee not only talks the talk, but she walks the walk and she can’t wait to share all her experience with you.

Every session I’ve taken of The Laura Mac Method has taught me something useful and interesting. She’s forthright and honest about all the ins and outs of the business, and she’s got a great sense of humour which helps when you’re nervous about giving it a try. I highly recommend the Laura Mac Method to anyone who’s starting out or who wants to keep growing as an artist