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“The Laura Mac Method really enabled me to get out of my shell and approach auditioning and acting in a new perspective.”


“The Laura Mac Method taught me what to work on and how to work on it. I gained confidence in my audition prep that took away the guesswork and allowed me to book multiple roles.”

– Leah Hennessey Rai

“I have had the pleasure of working the Laura Mac Method for both commercials and Film & TV. This method has most definitely helped me in booking work and I can’t recommend checking her out more!”

- JP Padda

“Life changing – No joke. No hyperbole.”

- Sarah Lane

“Every session I’ve taken of The Laura Mac Method has taught me something useful and interesting. She’s forthright and honest about all the ins and outs of the business, and she’s got a great sense of humour which helps when you’re nervous about giving it a try. I highly recommend the Laura Mac Method to anyone who’s starting out or who wants to keep growing as an artist.”

- Gillian Hurtig

“Prior to taking the Laura Mac Method Commercial workshop, I wasn’t getting many callbacks after auditions. Since the course, I’ve had 2 auditions, got callback back for both and am on hold for 1! Thank you Laura! “

- Imelda Gabrono

“Thank you, Laura for a fabulous workshop! I feel inspired and can’t wait to go out to my next commercial audition. I told my agent about how much I enjoyed The Laura Mac Method Commercial Acting Workshop and she said she’s seen an increase with callbacks of her clients who have taken the course. Thank you again!”

- Gui Fontanezzi

“The Laura Mac Method does not only help elevate your work up but also dives into goal setting and how important it is to be specific with what you’re working towards. Laura’s an awesome human.”

- Nikhita Singh

“The Laura Mac Method is 100% tuned in with actors and the market to take the guess work out of auditioning, allowing you to be confident and prepared to deliver your best work.”

- Mona Hassanien

“The Laura Mac Method Commercial Workshop was great in giving me a clear and specific understanding on what to prepare for a commercial audition!”

- Janya Cambronero

“The Laura Mac Method Commercial Workshop was a great experience and made me feel confident about going in for auditions. Highly recommend to anyone new to the industry or having trouble booking jobs.”

- Sarah Whitney

“The Laura Mac Method will help you level up your acting skills with invaluable inside on technique, prep work, and understanding of the craft – and you’ll have a blast doing it.”

- Kiara Raye Mitchell

“I got honesty, support and confidence from Laura Mac, she really was my epiphany for acting.”

- Mark Anthony O'Neill

“I loved Laura’s class! She’s such a bubbly, funny person who knows exactly what she’s doing. I really felt like I learned a lot during this amazing workshop!”

- Kenia Davis

“This workshop has completely transformed my perspective on commercial auditions and given me practical skills I can actually apply in the audition room to tangibly measure results. I’ve walked away feeling empowered; empowered to take risks, to stop being an ‘obedient’ actor and to stand out the only way I can – by being myself! You will not regret taking this workshop, you’ll only regret not taking it sooner.”

- Genevieve Brock

“The Laura Mac Method is great for anyone who wants to take their career into your own hands.”

- Mihai Dan

“I would highly recommend The Laura Mac Method to anyone starting out in their career of even those who are experienced but might need a refresher on how to he your best self during auditions.”

- Leela Holt

“As someone completely new to commercial acting, the Laura Mac Method has gotten me excited with purposeful direction. Laura is not only teaching it, but she’s living it. She’ll help you discover the details you’ve been missing.”

- Sam Araki

“If you’re like most actors, questioning your existence after a commercial audition, take this workshop! Laura has the answers you seek! For real though, this workshop is gold, and I’m so excited to walk into my next audition knowing EXACTLY what they want!”

- Leah Beaudry

“The Laura Mac Method isn’t only about learning valuable audition techniques; you gain confidence, insight and an amazing community. Laura reminds you of what it’s all about: having fun doing something you love! With what I’ve learned, I definitely feel a lot more sure of myself in the audition room.”

- Anna-Maira Santina

“Laura provided me with step-by-step systems for all the different types of auditions and career growth. I feel so empowered! Her method has me excited to audition and set goals rather than being tentative and uncertain. If you want to feel your best, learn this method! I guarantee she has tips for you!”

- Angela Gooliaff

“I love the Laura Mac Method. I was VERY nervous starting, thinking I might be out of place. Now I feel so confident! I learned so much and have so many tips to help me – from what to wear to auditions to what headshots should look like – I am prepared! I’m so glad I did it!”

- Saskia Arthur

“Thank you, Laura, for sharing your experiences and helping pave the way for other actors!”

- Sasha Monica

“I truly recommend taking the Laura Mac Method, especially if you are a beginner like me! If you are looking to get into this business, sign up before you go to any auditions! I had my first audition a week after I completed the course and thanks to Laura, I knew exactly what I was doing.”

- Misha Aini

“I’ve done a few classes for commercial work and was still unsure about how I might fit into this world. The Laura Mac Method Commercial workshop showed me what I can do at my auditions and I feel much better about my chances of getting some gigs!”

- Ross Ogilvie

“Laura’s workshop is a crash course for the do’s and don’s in the industry. She’s a working actor that not only talks the talk but walks the walk. So YOU show up to the audition, making strong choices and knowing all the technical ins and outs.”

- Kyle Kol

“Anyone who wants to understand how this business works would be smart to take this course!”

- Valeh Ashraf

“Even after years of auditioning, Laura’s tips made me realize there were certain things that had been lacking in my preparation and execution. It’s those small details that separate an alight audition from the auditions that get you callbacks and bookings.”

- Treychel Anderson

“I finished this workshop feeling confident that I could do this. Thank you, Laura! Keep spreading your positive energy! “

- Larissa Villela

“Commercials have always been a big mystery to me and I usually leave the audition feeling like “what the heck just happened?” I see certain people booking commercials all the time and have always wondered how they got so lucky. Well, it turns out, it’s not luck, but skill and prep. I HIGHLY recommend taking Laura’s workshop, no matter what stage you are in your career.”

- Ashley Alexander

“The Laura Mac Method gave me a very comprehensive breakdown of what a good audition needs to be. I definitely feel more confident going into and walking out of the room. Totally recommended! – Eddie Gheorghe
Laura is everything you could ever want in an acting coach and more. She is a true expert in the field, and she generously shares with you so many things that only countless years (25) of passionate and devoted experience can provide.”

- Lori Lucas

“The Laura Mac Method is eye-opening, straight forward, and to the point. Too many ‘Aha!’ moments to count in just a few hours! *Highly* recommend!”

- Lauren Maynard

“This workshop has helped light a new way for me to go about my commercial auditions. Thank you!”

- Morgan Misic

“My first audition following The Laura Mac Method Commercial Acting Workshop was a whole new game. I was completely relaxed, understood what they wanted and was able to deliver, with no pressure. Taking Laura’s workshop has just make auditions a lot more fun.”

- Shanda Walters

“Laura Mac’s workshop is awesome, I learned so much and will tell all my actor friends about it. You should take this class!”

- Lincoln Hall (age 11)

“The Laura Mac Method Commercial Acting workshop exceeded my expectations. As a complete newcomer to the commercial industry, I walked away knowing exactly what goes into preparing for an audition.”

- Jennifer Pepper

“This commercial workshop was incredible! Laura really opened my eyes on the audition process and gave me more insight on how to tackle even the “simplest” audition. Highly recommend!”

- Catlin Corey Franks

“The Laura Mac Method gave me a very comprehensive breakdown of what a good audition needs to be. I definitely feel more confident going into and walking out of the room. Totally recommended!”

- Eddie Gheorghe