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Ready to take your acting career to the next level? I supercharged my acting career & started booking the jobs I wanted, but it wasn’t easy. I figured it out by myself, but you don’t have to. I created the Laura Mac Method to help actors like you find the missing piece and get to where they want to be in their acting careers. Are you ready to do the same?


Let’s face facts.

If all it took to be an actor was talent, the phone would be ringing off the hook with opportunities for you to strut your stuff.

How many times have you found yourself watching a movie, TV show or commercial, and thought to yourself…

“I could do that!” (you totally can 👊)

And yet, here we are.

Every day we see performances that we know we could deliver just as good as the actor who got hired (if not better), in some of the biggest feature films, hit TV shows and big-brand commercials…

…and yet, it’s seemingly impossible to find the opportunities to actually be considered for the job!

Have You Ever Wondered...

With all of that money being spent to produce and market them, why do the casting people choose the actors they choose?

Why use someone who maybe isn’t the perfect fit for the part or whose skills don’t quite match up to the needs of the role, when there are so many other highly qualified actors available?

Simply put: Those actors are a safe investment.

They’re professionals in every aspect of the business of being an actor.

And if you want to join their ranks, YOU must become a professional in every aspect of the business of being an actor as well.

Yep, sorry to break it to ya…

Being great at your craft isn’t enough if you want to become a successful working actor.

It’s ONE piece of a larger puzzle.

To Thrive As An Actor You Need to Realize That You Are One Of Many Business Partners In a Larger Creative Enterprise.

The keywords here being “Creative” and “Enterprise”.

In the context of being a Working Actor, of course the goal of every project begins with creative vision and expression.

But art almost always requires money to make.

And in the case of the projects we’re talking about, part of the “requires money to make it” is… we actors need to get paid!

We want, need and deserve to get paid for our craft just as much as anyone else.

In order for that to happen, we must come to terms with the reality that making art requires money.

I want you to really let the truth of that sink in.

Making art requires money.

That money has to come from somewhere.  (Remember that “creative enterprise” I was just talking about?)

And the people fronting the money, have a LOT at stake.

Not the least of which is to make even more money later, in the form of profit, so they can continue to fund new projects in the future.

Of course, not all projects do make money in the end.

But the fact remains, that part of the realization of the creative vision INCLUDES making money, so that everyone can get paid.

A movie, tv show or commercial has an incredible amount of moving parts, all of which need to contribute to those creative and business visions.

Actors included.

Here’s where most “Struggling Actors” get it wrong.

They focus on a small number of things they think are important.

Things like:

And they think if they just make those things the best they can be, then eventually they’ll “be discovered”.

But that rarely happens.

Instead, so many great actors…

…people who would kill a role if they’d just had the opportunity to audition for it…

…end up languishing in obscurity, and often end up hating themselves for being that typical image of a “starving artist”.

As time goes on, the dream gets further and further away.

You still get auditions, of course.  Just maybe not as often.

You review your headshots a couple of times a year.  But they usually don’t need to be refreshed because no one has really seen them yet.

You skip going to scene study because you’re tired of watching other people do their thing for four hours, and really not getting all that much out of it.

Of course, you still have to pay the bills, so you wait tables or some equally soul-sucking “joe job” just to get by.

Eventually, you may even start to think about getting a “real job” so you can at least finally earn some decent money.

But that would mean admitting you failed.

It would mean giving up on your dream.

I know this is true for many actors, because it was also true for me at one point in my career.

And it’s been true for many of my actor friends and clients.

Ready To Take your acting Career
to the next level?

Learn more about how the Laura Mac method can help you get the jobs you want and jumpstart your acting career.

I’m Laura… Nice to Meet You!

Hi, I’m Laura Mac and although I’m now working regularly in TV, Film & Commercials, getting great parts, there was a time in my career when I spent years sitting around and waiting.

Hoping and praying that my moment would come.

I lived through the pain and anguish of doing everything I could think of to make myself a better, more desirable actor, without seeing results.

Sure, I got the odd booking, but never enough to live on.

Then Something Odd Happened That Changed The Course of My Career Forever.

Ironically, it was due to a really bad breakup that I was able to turn things around.

I won’t go into the sordid details here, but what I learned most from that breakup was that I had a bad habit of sitting around and waiting for someone else to recognize what I already know is true.

Waiting for someone else to tell me that I’m worth something.  That I’m good enough.

It hit me like a slap in the face.

It hurt like hell, but it did its job.  It woke me up, first personally, then professionally.

I realized I’d been waiting for others to tell me who I am (and that who I am is good enough) my entire life.

Even though I already knew inside.

I just didn’t believe it.  Not fully.

As I came to grips with this realization, and started to see a new way of being in a relationship going forward, I also began looking at my career as an actor through the same lens.

How was I waiting for others to tell me that I’m good enough?

I was doing all the things that I thought would get me hired (classes, scene study, headshots) without realizing I was focusing on the wrong things.

Here’s what’s at the core of it:

Most Actors Wait For Someone ELSE To Tell Them That They’re Good Enough to Finally “Be an Actor”

They take those same basic steps I did, of going to classes, scene study, headshots, getting an agent and submitting for projects…

And then sit back and wait for that nod of approval.

When it doesn’t come, they often feel not only disappointed, but also disapproved of.

Like they’re not good enough.

I felt the same thing, so many times.

As I realized the enormity of what I’d discovered, I struggled with the implications of what it meant for my career.

After the breakup I felt I’d hit rock bottom and, now that I was on my own, had to face the financial realities of “adulting” by myself.

I knew that if I couldn’t turn my acting career into a success, then I was going to have to go get a “real job” and make acting a passion project only.

I’d have to give up my dream.

In the depths of my despair at that time in my life… the late nights alone, unable to sleep… the idea of quitting to go find some level of “security” almost won the day.


I remember sitting in my apartment, alone, with the near-constant Vancouver rain pattering on the window, trying to accept the idea of giving up.

As I wrestled with my options, I began thinking back over my time as an aspiring actor.

From the time I was 5, back in Nova Scotia, where I grew up, acting in local plays at school, my kindergarten class put on a production of “Old MacDonald had a farm” and the teacher asked which boy wanted to be old MacDonald.

I shot my hand up and said, “Why does it have to be a boy? I want to be old MacDonald!”

I mean, that was clearly the lead role, so obviously it was the role I wanted to play.

And the role I got!

From then on I was hooked.

There was no film/tv industry in Nova Scotia, so I did 2-3 plays a year until I graduated and did the “right” thing by getting a 4 year theatre degree (and a conservatory acting diploma too).

After I graduated I did what most well trained actors do: waited for the phone to ring.

I did all the wrong things for 7 years before the, ahem, jerk, broke my heart and conversely made my life so much better.

As I recalled all those past experiences I felt the joy of acting swell inside me, the pride after a job well done.

And it was at that moment that I decided there was no way in hell I was giving up on myself.

I’d come too far, loved acting too much, to roll over and let my career die.

So I doubled and redoubled both my commitment AND my efforts.

From this new perspective of wanting to take the reins back and exert control over those aspects of my career that I was directly in control of, I started looking for new classes on how to be a successful actor.

Most of it was the same old doldrum of acting classes and scene study that had helped me become a great actor, but hadn’t resulted in a thriving career.

But there was this one new class that I’d never noticed before.

It was about the “actor’s business”.

So I signed up immediately and immersed myself over the course of 9 months, learning the ins and outs of the business side of our industry. Through that class I had another realization that hit me like a ton of bricks.

I am NOT just an “Actor”... I’m the CEO of Me, Inc.!

I realized that, in addition to working on my craft, I needed to understand how to become part of the business side of things.

I needed to treat myself like a business!

And recognize that I am one of MANY businesses all working together towards a shared goal.

So I took the basis I’d learned from the “actor’s business” course and started applying it in my career.

I decided to stop focusing entirely on things that were outside of my control (like getting auditions, call backs and bookings)…

…and instead I started focusing on doing only those things that I could control, in every aspect of my craft and career development.

Every decision I made was validated by the question:

Will This Make Me A Better Business Partner In The Industry?

It turns out that focusing on how to be of service to others in the industry, making their jobs as easy as possible, was the best thing I could do for my own career goals.

Instead of “trying to get hired” I focused on “making it easy and desirable for others to hire me”.

As Zig Ziglar, the famous motivational speaker once said:

For several years, this is all I focused on.

Developing, documenting and refining systems for every aspect of the business of my acting career.

And people began to notice.

Suddenly, my agent knew EXACTLY which roles to send to me and which to save for a different, better suited actor.

More importantly, she WANTED to send those roles to me because she knew that I could handle myself with the other people involved.

That I’d make HER look good.

Casting agents noticed how prepared I was, how I offered a unique perspective, and how I made the whole process easy for them, too.

They could see that I knew where the character I was auditioning for fit into their vision and the needs of the script.

I was no longer trying to “show off my acting chops” and prove that I was a great actor.

Instead, I was coming in prepared to help them achieve their goals.

To make my performance fit the story, instead of the other way around.

Even if I didn’t get a particular role, I was making an impression on every team involved in every production I went out for.

I was building my reputation for being a Professional Actor.

But as my career began to take off in ways I’d only dreamed of previously, I couldn’t help but notice that many of my friends and colleagues were still struggling.

They hadn’t figured out how to fit themselves into the productions they were auditioning for, in a way that stood out beyond their performance.

And so I offered to help.

I had all these systems that I’d been refining for the last few years, all about the various aspects of the work that most actors neglect.

It’s not their fault, of course.

They just don’t know any better.

So I packaged up all my systems into what I now call The Laura Mac Method and went to work helping some actor friends.

Turns out, I’m not a fluke.

Not long after they began taking the business side of their career seriously, using the systems I’d devised, they started seeing results too.

That’s when I knew I had created something special.

I also knew I couldn’t keep to myself, or even to a close group of personal friends.

You see, I believe there are enough great jobs to go around.  That we don’t have to compete with each other, but instead, we can support one another.

We can lift each other up, instead of trying to tear each other down.

Remember that Zig Ziglar quote?

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

I’d already committed to helping my business partners in the acting world get what they wanted.  As a result, my career was taking off.

So I decided to take the same approach with The Laura Mac Method.

All Of My Proven Systems For Building and Growing a Sustainable Career As a Working Actor, Now Available Online.

I invested a ton of time (18 months) and money (about $20k) and professionally recorded everything I’d put together for my own career, into a series of online workshops that I could share with other actors who are ready to look at their career differently.

In total there are four online workshops that together will turn you from “wannabe” to “ready to get to work”:

The Actor’s Toolkit

First, we’ll tackle the biggest and most common mistakes that actors make, so you can create your own plan to correct or avoid them.  These skills will become the bedrock of your career as a Professional Actor from this day forward.

The Actor’s Toolkit includes 7 video lessons (and accompanying worksheets) including:

When you’ve completed The Actor’s Toolkit, you’ll start feeling like a real actor.  You’ll know where you’re going… and you’ll see the path to getting there!

The Commercial Acting Workshop

When you know the rules of the game of commercial auditions, they can be fun, creative and very lucrative.  Complete with exercises and homework, each step of the way, The Commercial Acting Workshop will have you stretching your acting muscles and getting audition-ready.

The Commercial Workshop is 10 video lessons and hands-on exercises including:

By the end of The Commercial Acting Workshop, you’ll be ready to take on your first (or next) commercial project with newfound confidence and professionalism!

The Business of You

If you’re ready to stop playing the waiting game and start taking control over your career, it starts with understanding who you are as a person and how that person fits into your market; and then creating marketing material that represents that person and clearly demonstrates how they fit into the market.

The Business of You is 10 video lessons (and accompanying worksheets) covering:

When you can communicate the specific, unique benefit you offer to this industry, in a way that clearly shows your professionalism and how you’d be an asset to have on the team, you’ll be on the short list of everyone you work with.

Acting for Film & TV

In this workshop, you’ll develop your skills in the art of storytelling, character development and how to be a benefit to potential film & TV jobs, as well as develop your craft.

Learn how to take a script, that is just words on a page, dive through them and reveal the characters, the relationships, the experiences, the events, and the consequences that they represent.

Learn the difference between “knowing” your moments, “showing” your moments, and “feeling” your moments, so you can know when you’re grounded and present… and what to do about it if you’re not.

Acting for Film & TV is truly a Masterclass, made up of 22 video lessons including:

In total that’s 50 videos, comprising more than 7 hours of online training, broken up into short, easy-to-consume segments, all with one goal in mind.

To Put Control of Your Career Back In YOUR Hands!

And it’s all broken down into topic-specific workshops so you can focus on the work that is going to get the furthest, the fastest.

Not only do you get the full video training series, I’ve also created numerous resources, worksheets and templates, wherever possible, to help you get started and stay on track.

Join The Laura Mac Method: Foundations Membership Today for just $69 per month!

It’s a subscription membership that gives you access to all four workshops and all the supporting material.

There’s no minimum length to stay a member and you can cancel anytime.

Plus, when you join today, you’ll have access to our exclusive Supportive Actors Team who are working the Curriculum too, and who can help you with your homework!

Enter the Supportive Actor’s Team.

Join The Laura Mac Method: Foundations Membership Today for just $69 per month.

I’ll be straight with you, as a dedicated actor you could go through all 50 videos and get everything you need in one month.

That’s if you really buckle down and make this your top priority.

Most of my students typically complete the workshop content in about 3 months (that’s a total of $172.50 over 3 months, for you math nerds & budget conscious actors in the audience).

But they end up staying for many more months, simply because of the incredible community we’ve built in the Supportive Actors Team.

Everyone needs a team and I’m really proud of the one we’re building.

Really, we just have just two rules in our community:

  1. Don’t be a dick
  2. Do the work (while not being a dick)

And that’s really what The Laura Mac Method is all about.

Do right by others in our industry.  In your market.

Make life better for everyone you do business with, by helping make their jobs easier.

Show up prepared for every opportunity you book, even if you’re not sure it’s a good fit for you.

Join The Laura Mac Method: Foundations Membership Today for just $69 per month.

Listen, I know this stuff works.

It’s worked for me and it’s worked for countless clients (we call each other teammates, ‘cause we’ve got each other’s backs!) who have used it to grow our careers in the direction of OUR choosing.

But it’s one thing for me to talk about it.

It’s a whole other thing for you to know it too.

So here’s what I want to do:

Test Drive The Laura Mac Method & Take 50% Off Your First Month!

It’s the internet. You probably don’t know me very well just yet (but you can find me on IMDB if you want to confirm my credits).

And there’s lots of shady sharks online, amiright?

I swear, I’m not one of them. 🙂

And to let you get a taste of what it would be like to work together, with as little risk to either of us as possible, I want to let you have the first month for just $34.50.

Subsequent months will rebill automatically at the regular $69/month price, until you choose to cancel.


And listen: I’m not going to tell you NOT to keep going to that scene study class, with the “big gun” instructor (that runs $500/month or more)…

…as long as it’s getting you where you want to go!

If it isn’t, and you’re ready to try a different approach…

Join The Laura Mac Method: Foundations Membership Today for $34.50 for the first month ($69 per month thereafter).

One last thing…

If you decide that The Laura Mac Method and the Foundations Membership are not for you right now…

Please, have another plan.

You now know that the biggest thing you can do to improve your career is to take ownership of the things you can control, and let the rest go.

Be a good business partner. Help out when you can.

Do the right things, in the right order.  Prepare well.

I know you’re reading this because you have something inside that is calling you to perform, to share that gift with others.

And you want to be able to earn a great living doing what you love.

You want that.  And I want it for you.

But you’ve got to go get it.

Whether with me or someone else, you’ve got to learn this stuff.

More importantly, you’ve got to do the work.

I hope you’ll choose to join us.


P.S. Here’s some of the feedback I’ve received from other actors who have taken The Foundations Membership…

The Laura Mac Method really enabled me to get out of my shell and approach auditioning and acting in a new perspective.

Nathan Yan

The Laura Mac Method taught me what to work on and how to work on it. I gained confidence in my audition prep that took away the guesswork and allowed me to book multiple roles.

Leah Hennessey Rai

I have had the pleasure of working with the Laura Mac Method for both commercials and Film & TV. This method has most definitely helped me in booking work and I can’t recommend checking her out more!

JP Padda

Life changing - No joke. No hyperbole.

Sarah Lane

Every session I’ve taken of The Laura Mac Method has taught me something useful and interesting. She’s forthright and honest about all the ins and outs of the business, and she’s got a great sense of humour which helps when you’re nervous about giving it a try. I highly recommend the Laura Mac Method to anyone who’s starting out or who wants to keep growing as an artist.

Gillian Hurtig

The Laura Mac Method does not only help elevate your work up but also dives into goal setting and how important it is to be specific with what you’re working towards. Laura’s an awesome human.

Nikhita Singh

The Laura Mac Method is 100% tuned in with actors and the market to take the guesswork out of auditioning, allowing you to be confident and prepared to deliver your best work.

Mona Hassanien

The Laura Mac Method will help you level up your acting skills with invaluable inside on technique, prep work, and understanding of the craft - and you'll have a blast doing it.

Kiara Raye Mitchell

I got honesty, support and confidence form Laura Mac, she really was my epiphany for acting

Mark Anthony O’Neill

The Laura Mac Method is great for anyone who wants to take their career into your own hands.

Mihai Dan

I would highly recommend The Laura Mac Method to anyone starting out in their career or even those who are experienced but might need a refresher on how to be your best self during auditions.

Leela Holt

The Laura Mac Method isn’t only about learning valuable audition techniques; you gain confidence, insight and an amazing community. Laura reminds you of what it’s all about: having fun doing something you love! With what I’ve learned, I definitely feel a lot more sure of myself in the audition room.

Anna-Maria Santina

Laura provided me with step-by-step systems for all the different types of auditions and career growth. I feel so empowered! Her method has me excited to audition and set goals rather than being tentative and uncertain. If you want to feel your best, learn this method! I guarantee she has tips for you!

Angela Gooliaff

I love the Laura Mac Method. I was VERY nervous starting, thinking I might be out of place. Now I feel so confident! I learned so much and have so many tips to help me - from what to wear to auditions to what headshots should look like - I am prepared! I’m so glad I did it!

Saskia Arthur

Thank you, Laura, for sharing your experiences and helping pave the way for other actors!

Sasha Monica

I truly recommend taking the Laura Mac Method, especially if you are a beginner like me! If you are looking to get into this business, sign up before you go to any auditions! I had my first audition a week after I completed the course and thanks to Laura, I knew exactly what I was doing.

Misha Aini

I have felt my confidence soar!

Amanda Whiddington

Anyone who wants to understand how this business works would be smart to take this course!

Valeh Ashraf

Even after years of auditioning, Laura’s tips made me realize there were certain things that had been lacking in my preparation and execution. It’s those small details that separate an alright audition from the auditions that get you callbacks and bookings

Treychel Anderson

The Laura Mac Method gave me a very comprehensive breakdown of what a good audition needs to be. I definitely feel more confident going into and walking out of the room. Totally recommended!

Eddie Gheorghe

Laura is everything you could ever want in an acting coach and more. She is a true expert in the field, and she generously shares with you so many things that only countless years (25) of passionate and devoted experience can provide.

Lori Lucas

The Laura Mac Method is eye-opening, straight forward, and to the point. Too many 'Aha!' moments to count in just a few hours! *Highly* recommend!

Lauren Maynard

Ready To Take your acting Career
to the next level?

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